Sample assignments


World Bank, Uganda: Technical backstopping of an FAO team assessing the environmental impacts of Congolese and Rwandan refugees to guide World Bank investments in refugee-affected area programming.

Swiss Development Cooperation, Tanzania. 12 months technical backstopping and business development support to the Transforming Tanzanias Charcoal Sector project run by the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group in Morogoro Region, developing value chains for sustainable charcoal from village-owned miombo woodland.

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanzania & Mozambique: End of phase Evaluation of the IUCN-led project ‘Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors’ (SUSTAIN-Africa) in three landscapes in Tanzania and Mozamqbique. Through MDF Consulting.


World Bank, Liberia: Assessment of options for the Liberia Forest Sector Project to incorporate charcoal in sustainable forest management systems.

The Nature Conservancy, East Africa: Analysis of economic viability, policy constraints and investment opportunities in sustainable charcoal in East Africa. Through Practical Action Consulting.

World Bank, Uganda and Kenya: Technical support to an FAO team assessing the impacts on woody biomass of refugees in Uganda (14 setlements in West Nile) and Kenya (Kakuma camp in Turkana County).

World Bank/GIZ: Development of the scope of work for a multi-agency dialogue process to explore linkages between global wood energy markets and forest landscape restoration.


Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Kenya: Technical lead in a behaviour change communication programme targeting new sales of 380,000 higher tier charcoal stoves. Through Practical Action Consulting in partnership with PS Kenya.


DFID Bioenergy for Sustainable Energy Access in Africa: Design of a £4M DFID research call to support innovation in bioenergy technology at <5 MW scale in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through LTS International in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and E4tech.

World Bank, Uganda: Development of investment packages in Uganda's woodfuels sector for the Forest Investment Programme of the Climate Investment Fund.


DFID, southern Africa: Design of a 5-year, £40M programme to increase the sustainability of woodfuel value chains in the miombo region of east and southern Africa. Through LTS International.

DFID, Malawi: Analysis of lessons learned from the promotion of improved cook-stoves and solar lighting in the Enhancing Community Resilience Programme. Through LTS International.


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Tanzania: Evaluation of ‘Transforming Tanzania’s Charcoal Sector’ project, a $7.1M initiative comprising sustainable charcoal production from community-managed forests alongside biomass energy research, communication and advocacy.


TradeMark East AfricaIdentification of opportunities for growing the industrial bioenergy energy sector in East Africa. Through MARGE (France).

Micro Enterprise Support Programme Trust, Kenya: Identification of opportunities for commercial utilisation of coconut processing residues.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Chad: Design and operationalisation of a monitoring system for quantifying fuel use by Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad, on behalf of UNHCR. Report downloadable here.


GIZ, Madagascar: Technical and commercial appraisal of briquette production using discarded charcoal waste in Antsiranana, Diana Region. Through ECO Consult (Germany).

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